Crisis and Compensation

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Coronavirus & Cruise Ship Liability Were you or a loved exposed to Coronavirus on Cruise Ship? The coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of people all over the world. Some cruise ship victims may be entitled to compensation.  The coronavirus hit cruise ships especially hard because of the cruise ship dynamic of prolonged […]

Troy Nelson – Financial Advisor Found Liable by Arbitration Panel

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                Troy Nelson Financial Advisor CRD #3077843                 An arbitration claim was filed by Murrin Law Firm alleging that Troy Nelson and Edward Jones, during Claimant’s divorce proceedings, disbursed marital funds to Claimant’s former husband from a restricted account, without Claimant’s knowledge or authorization, and also unreasonably withheld marital assets awarded to Claimant.                 Claimants […]

#MeToo #TimesUp Title IX Campus

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The news is full of stories of young women coming forward to report sexual abuse.   These women are sometimes referred to as the silence breakers, or part of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, or perhaps because they have become emboldened because of Title IX campus advocates.  If you have been a victim of sexual abuse […]

Unexplained Undiagnosed Symptoms?

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Unexplained Undiagnosed Symptoms? Do you have undiagnosed symptoms? Do you find yourself saying, “What’s wrong with me?” and Doctors are unable to explain to you the cause of your symptoms? It could be that you or a loved one suffering the side effects of taking Fluoroquinolone, Levaquin, or Cipro. You and your Doctors may not […]

Side Effects Taking Fluoroquinolone

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Are you or a loved one suffering the side effects of taking Fluoroquinolone, Levaquin, or Cipro? The FDA has known for years that fluoroquinolone drugs have killed thousands of people and permanently harmed tens of thousands more. After being served a huge lawsuit in April, 2016 of what appears to be a cover up of […]

Investors in Life Settlement Scam Awarded $3,900,000

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Investors in Life Settlement Scam Awarded Investors in a life settlement investment found themselves part of a scam. They were defrauded of their investment money. They retained J. Owen Murrin of Murrin Law Firm to represent them. On June 16, 2016, Judge Frank Johnson of Los Angeles Superior Court signed a $3,900,000 judgment in favor […]

Ponzi Scheme - Murrin Law Firm

Investment Ponzi Scheme

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Did Your Insurance Turn into a Ponzi Scheme? Are you one of the 27 people who invested with with Insurance Brokers Joseph Francis Bartholomew, Wendy King-Jackson and or MBP Insurance Services, Inc. and lost almost all your money? Our firm has successfully handled dozens of cases just like this. We aggressively seek recourse for clients […]

Stock Brokers - Murrin Law Firm

Scottrade, Inc. has been fined

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Scottrade, Inc. Has Been Fined Scottrade, Inc. has been fined $950,000 for their failure to supervise wiring processes of customer funds to third party accounts. Scottrade has conducted a total of $880 million consisting of over 17,000 third party wire transfers between October 2011 and October 2013. Scottrade was fined for failing to secure customer […]