Are Variable Annuities Right For You?

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variable annuities

Are Variable Annuities Right For You?

The specific purpose of variable annuities should only be supplement to retirement funds. Before you invest in a variable annuity, you should make sure you and your spouse are fully utilizing the benefits provided by Uncle Sam, or the US Government. You should already be annually maximizing your workplace retirement plans, such as your 401-K, as well as consistently funding your IRA, (Individual Retirement Account). Absolutely do not invest in a variable annuity if you cannot afford the risk of losing all of your funds. Variable annuities carry a great amount of risk that should have been disclosed to you by your broker. Variable annuities are not right for most people because of its high risk nature. IF you are invested in a variable annuity and have lost money, you may have a claim.

If this information has not been communicated to you by your broker or if you have questions on an annuity matter, please contact us for an evaluation of your case Call

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