Awards, Verdicts, Settlements

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Awards, Verdicts and Settlements Obtained by Murrin Law Firm

Murrin Law Firm has collected a large number of awards, verdicts and settlements throughout the past 40 years, resulting in millions of dollars for our clients.
Listed below is a representative sample of these awards and settlements across our main practice areas. An award in a prior case is not a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.

Investment Loss/Securities Fraud Case Results

Award: $3,900,000

A state court judgement was awarded to a group of investors represented by Murrin Law Firm. The case was for losses against a promoter and salesman who mischaracterized the investment and failed to treat the investors properly. Damages were trebled after proving that the activity involved Penal Code Section 496 conduct.

Settlement: $3,000,000

Twenty-one investors were sold a real estate security offering that failed to meet the requirements and cash flow that it was supposed to provide. The settlement provided was made possible through a deal with the insurance company. Earlier, Murrin Law Firm represented the same investors in a defense of foreclosure, which was settled in a way that provided additional recoveries of money for the investors.

Award: $1,300,000

Eighteen investors were taken advantage of by individuals in charge of a life settlement investment. The individuals were overcharging for services and selling the equity to their associates, leaving little profit for the investors. The result was obtained through a judge trial.

Award: $948,000

A group of investors sued their broker and affiliates for failing to conduct proper due diligence and overstating the investment potential. If properly informed, the investors would have recognized that the investment was unsuitable prior to investing. This award of damages was obtained after an arbitration trial.

Award: $513,981

A broker and the brokerage firm was found to show favoritism to a client’s spouse during divorce proceedings. The client alleged that there was a breach of fiduciary duty, negligence, failure to supervise, breach of contract and conflict of interest.

Motor Vehicle Accident Case Results

Settlement: $500,000

A three-year-old child was struck and killed by a tow truck in the parking lot of a grocery store. The matter was settled out of court.

Settlement: $147,500

A woman and her two children sustained injuries after an automobile accident where they were struck by a vehicle claimed to be stolen. A subsequent investigation by our attorneys found that the owner of the vehicle was a car dealership that had sent the vehicle to an individual for repair. The Court found that the vehicle was not stolen and was used with the dealership’s authorization. A settlement was reached after a bifurcated trial with the dealership.

Settlement: $125,000

A man with significant disabling injuries was injured when a bus crashed into his vehicle. The bus owner did not want to settle, claiming that our client’s injuries were due to prior problems and unrelated to the accident. Murrin Law Firm was able to prove to the bus company’s satisfaction that our client’s prior injuries had been significantly aggravated as a result of the accident. The case was settled out of court.

Settlement: $100,000

A man was riding in a boat being driven by another individual. An inner tube in the front of the boat flew up, forcing the driver to turn the boat sharply. As a result, our client was thrown out of the boat and injured as the propeller of the boat struck his left arm. The matter was settled out of court.

Settlement: $225,000

A young woman was riding a rented scooter and fell on an uneven sidewalk causing a serious knee injury.

Settlement: $100,000

A woman in a parking lot collision received over $100,000 for injuries sustained.

Medical/Dental Malpractice Case Results

Settlement: $400,000

An 82-year-old man slipped and fell in his home. He was taken to the hospital emergency room where an x-ray that showed he fractured his neck was misread, and he was declared to have sustained no fractures. His subsequent complaints of neck pain were discounted as “old age.” No investigation was conducted until months later after he died of complications related to the injury. The matter was settled out of court.

Settlement: $281,000

A man was told by his urologist to stop taking his heart medication prior to a prostate biopsy, without consulting a cardiologist first. This tragic mistake led to the patient suffering from a heart attack. The awarded amount was above the maximum settlement amount available under the State Laws of California – Medical Injury Compensation Reform Act (MICRA) due to Murrin Law Firm’s effective legal strategy.

Award: $178,094

A medical negligence claim was brought against an Ob-Gyn who performed bladder repair surgery in conjunction with a hysterectomy, resulting in our client suffering from bladder incontinence. The doctor’s operative report indicated certain procedures and methods of stitching that were inconsistent with the findings of another physician during a subsequent surgery. The awarded amount was obtained by way of a jury verdict.

Settlement: $75,000

A client went in for a dental procedure involving the removal of his teeth prior to receiving dentures. Unfortunately, the dentist broke his jaw during the procedure. The case was filed and settled as a dental malpractice case.

Wrongful Death

Settlement: $300,000

An elderly man died after it was determined that a faulty medical device was installed during surgery. Without filing the case, the manufacturer of the product settled for $300,000.


A truck pulled out in front of our client’s son, resulting in the man’s death by fire when the car collided with the Truck’s gas tank. A confidential settlement was reached in the high 6 figures.

Harassment and Discrimination Case Results

Settlement: $150,000

A client sought counseling from a church elder due to marital difficulties. The elder used his position of authority to engage in a sexual relationship with the client. The church did not properly supervise the elder. In fact, they claimed no supervisory capacity over him. The matter was settled out of court against the church.

Settlement: $1,000,000

A group of 3 individuals were harassed at a fast-food restaurant by a security guard. The three individuals received over $1,000,000 through settlement payments and judgments for being refused service and other discriminatory acts by the security guard.

Premises Liability Case Results

Award: $400,000

A tourist was attending a rodeo and was invited to participate in a rodeo event. He and others were supposed to stand as long as possible while a bull was let loose in the arena. The last man standing would win the contest. Our client was attacked by the bull and injured. The jury found the organizers of the rodeo liable.

Settlement: $50,000

A woman was at a well-known convention center when she tripped over a poorly placed parking wheel stop. Despite denials from the city and the convention center, Murrin Law Firm was able to secure our client a settlement from the defendant.
Product Liability Case Results

Settlement: $1,000,000

A woman became ill and was hospitalized. Her condition deteriorated to the point where she needed a feeding tube placed in her stomach for nutritional purposes. The tip of the feeding tube dislodged from the tube itself and caused serious injury to the client, resulting in the removal of her stomach. The client retained the services of our firm after approximately six other law firms refused to pursue a claim on her behalf or stated that they could not help her. We were able to negotiate a settlement with the company that manufactured the tube.

Settlement: $225,000

A 20-year-old woman was riding a rented motorized scooter on the streets and sidewalks of a large metropolitan city when she was confronted with a badly damaged sidewalk. The city and homeowner were aware of the defect for a long period of time. Our client suffered a severly injured knee along with lacerations and bruises to her entire body. The Murrin Law Firm was able to secure the $200,000+ settlement against the city and homeowner which is not an easy accomplishment given the litigious nature of the city.

Government Condemnation Case Results

Settlement: $875,000

A client owned commercial property and made it his business location for many years. The city determined that they wanted the property, along with others on the same block for redevelopment. They initially offered our client $450,000 for the property. However, our client refused the offer and was subsequently told that he could probably receive around $525,000. After retaining the services of our firm, we were able to negotiate an even better settlement with the city.

Violation of Civil Rights Case Results

Settlement: $50,000

A settlement was received on behalf of our client against one of the nation’s most prominent truck rental companies. She rented a vehicle that had been reported stolen. The rented vehicle had not been cleared from the Police Department’s “hot list” prior to being used. Our client was subsequently stopped by the police, facing harassment and humiliation due to the negligence of the rental company.

Employment Law Case Results (Harassment and Discrimination)

Settlement: $80,000

A woman complained to her employer that the company was discriminating against minority employees. After making this complaint, she became the victim of workplace harassment. Her matter was settled out of court.

Award: $75,000

A woman was facing harassment from her boss. Her employer claimed that the rude insults were merely constructive criticisms. The matter went to verdict where, with the help of Murrin Law Firm, the client was awarded compensation from a jury.

Slip & Fall

Settlement: $200,000

A 50-year-old woman was walking through her apartment complex courtyard on her way to the parking garage. Suddenly, her feet slipped from underneath her and she fell to the ground breaking her arm, wrist and sustained injuries to all parts of her body. The apartment complex was found liable because of a faulty sprinkler system that was spraying the walkway causing slippery moss to build up. The case was heavily litigated until the Murrin Law Firm was able to secure a six figure settlement prior to trial after rejecting much smaller offers.