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Civil Rights & Employment Matters

Murrin Law Firm has handled a large number of civil rights cases. J. Owen Murrin was a school board member for many years. He became aware from the inside where the hot spots are in our educational system to rid a school district of civil rights violations. People need to feel comfortable coming forward to assert their rights. Murrin Law Firm can be this vehicle. Civil Rights violations arise in any government institution, where enforcement is uneven, preferential, or arrogant. Civil Rights violations can result in the loss of human rights, loss of respect, loss of freedoms and loss of opportunities that all citizens are entitled.
Murrin Law Firm has years of experience handling such cases. Civil Rights include the right to be educated or obtain a job equal with others. Civil Rights include the right to be protected and kept safe by government officials like the police, jailers, and correctional officers. Civil Rights violations can start out as bullying and harassment under the guise of a government or school sanctioned authority.
Often times, it can turn ugly and end in death or other serious injury to a person, family, or group. Murrin Law Firm has handled many of these matters. As a result, it has acquired a level of experience that helps victims and can help you.
Civil Rights violations are also common in the work place and can include employment discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage and hourly pay violations. Murrin Law Firm can help people who are willing to come forward and be a whistleblower. There are incentives for people who come forward and give important information to the government to help deal with corruption and other wrongdoings in the workplace. There are incentives for whistleblowers in the areas related to investments and securities (allowed by the SEC).
It includes the area of proper tax reporting encouraged by the IRS, and there are whistleblower incentives in the area of workforce safety fostered by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA. Murrin Law Firm helps people confront and navigate through these areas and obtain the appropriate rights and compensation available.
We handle these and other cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we will be paid attorney’s fees only if we succeed in obtaining a recovery. Clients may be responsible for some costs.
If you have more questions, or you would like to have us review a case, and give an estimate, there is never a charge for that. We love to talk about our services, what we do, and why we feel we are good at it. Please Call 562-342-3011.