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Practice Areas for Our Personal Injury, Consumer Law, and Investment Loss Attorneys. Murrin Law Firm handles more than personal injury and investment loss cases. A comprehensive list of our practice areas can be found below for your convenience.

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Awards, Verdicts, and Settlements Obtained by
Murrin Law Firm


A state court judgement was awarded to a group of investors represented by Murrin Law Firm. The case was for losses against a promoter and salesman who mischaracterized the investment and failed to treat the investors properly. Damages were trebled after proving that the activity involved Penal Code Section 496 conduct.


Our clients were a group of investors that owned a Life Settlement or viatical investment. The clients lost their investment due to the misdeeds of the trustee. The investment trust, which held the death benefits of people who sold their insurance to the investors, was taken over. Eventually, the equity was transferred to others who profited at the expense of the real owners. The Court awarded a full recovery of over $1.3 million. The investors not represented by Murrin Law Firm were awarded nothing.


Eighteen investors were taken advantage of by individuals in charge of a life settlement investment. The individuals were overcharging for services and selling the equity to their associates, leaving little profit for the investors. The result was obtained through a judge trial.


A group of investors sued their broker and affiliates for failing to conduct proper due diligence and overstating the investment potential. If properly informed, the investors would have recognized that the investment was unsuitable prior to investing. This award of damages was obtained after an arbitration trial.

Testimonials From Our Customers

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Murrin was fair, honest, and hardworking and provided us with a valuable service. Even with all the odds against us, he proved to be an excellent and competent advocate. He made a positive and successful resolution to our case involving a fraudulent type investment. Murrin always conducted himself professionally and ethically,

Linda Aurichio

Murrin’s persistent efforts rendered each member of the investment an acceptable recovery that prevented waht would have been a devastating loss for everyone. We believe his efforts and persistence, which resulted in a settlement in 2014, made a difference and advanced the cause of justice and increased the credibility of the legal system,

Ruth Ellen Pearce

Proving fraud or mismanagement in any case is not easy, bu Mr. Murrin handled it with skill, comptency, and flare in a complicated and difficult case.

Mike Fendersen

Thank you for your very outstanding legal expertise during a very difficult and challenging case. We appreciate your care, strong ethics, discipline, and your tenacious energy. Those qualities took us successfully to the finish line.

Carol and Keith Mitchell-Gears