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Crisis and Compensation

Coronavirus & Cruise Ship Liability
Were you or a loved exposed to Coronavirus on Cruise Ship?
The coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic has affected the lives of people all over the world. Some cruise ship victims may be entitled to compensation. The coronavirus hit cruise ships especially hard because of the cruise ship dynamic of prolonged isolation and close contact with strangers. The Murrin Law Firm has been in contact with cruise ship patrons of Carnival Cruises, Princess Cruises, and others who have been exposed to the coronavirus while aboard a cruise ship. If you or a loved one has been exposed to the coronavirus aboard a cruise ship please call the Murrin Law Firm today to discuss.
Bloomberg exposes negligent actions of Carnival Cruise Lines
Bloomberg published an article that outlines the wrongdoing of Carnival Cruise Lines.  Carnival’s executives were aware of the potential threats that the coronavirus posed to its patrons, yet continued on with their normal activities anyways.  It is believed that other cruise ships followed a similar path of inaction that harmed and even killed many of its patrons.  Their actions were grossly negligent. The Murrin Law Firm is equipped to punish the cruise ships for their wrongdoing while compensating those patrons affected by the coronavirus.
What are the next steps to file a lawsuit against a Cruise Ship?
The first step is to gather any documents you have related to your recent cruise including all paperwork they provided to you on the ship regarding the coronavirus situation. You will also want to compile any pictures and/or photos you have of the conditions on the ship including announcements made over the loudspeakers or videos of cruise ship employees discussing the situation and plans to remedy the coronavirus spread aboard the ship.
The next step is to call the Murrin Law Firm right away for a FREE consultation.  The Murrin Law Firm works on a contingency basis and you will not be charged a fee unless we obtain a recovery.  Call (562) 342-3011 or email today!