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Looking to Settle Your Dispute Without Going to Court?

A Southern California Mediation Lawyer Helps You Remain in Control and Avoid Costly Court Battles

If given the choice, the majority of people would prefer to avoid filing a lawsuit and going to court whenever possible. Going to court for litigation is the most time-consuming and expensive way to resolve a dispute or settle a case. Disputes that make their way to court often take years to resolve. Everyone involved in a dispute can also rack up expensive legal bills while the case unfolds.
Fortunately, there are alternatives to litigation, including settling a dispute through mediation or arbitration. Both the arbitration and mediation processes will keep you out of court, while saving you time and money. Both Mediation and Arbitration affords you with certain benefits that do not exist in a traditional courtroom setting. For example, these processes are mostly confidential, and most details of your case will not become a matter of public record.
Deciding how to pursue your case will depend upon your particular situation. Speaking with an experienced arbitration and mediation lawyer will help you make this decision. Murrin Law Firm is experienced with both FINRA mediation and arbitration services. We pride ourselves on pursuing the best interests of our clients and have facilitated successful outcomes in numerous disputes. Contact a Long Beach mediation lawyer today for a free case evaluation.

What Are the Advantages of Mediation?

If you want to settle a dispute outside of court, then the mediation process is an outstanding alternative. It is widely regarded as the fastest and most affordable way to settle a dispute.
During the mediation process, both parties to a dispute allow a third, neutral party to guide the process. The neutral party will facilitate negotiations between the two and collect and evaluate claims and evidence about the case.
However, the two parties to the dispute retain the power to decide the ultimate outcome. If they cannot settle via mediation, then they may seek out other alternatives, like arbitration or litigation.
Mediation works best if both parties are invested and willing to put in the required amount of time and effort. While mediation is often successful for many individuals, it is important to remember that it is a voluntary and non-binding process. Often, it is coupled with arbitration or court adjudication so that outcomes become binding.
Other advantages associated with mediation include:
  • A higher rate of compliance
  • Allows both parties to control the speed of the process
  • Gives both parties a chance to work towards a mutual agreement

What Are the Differences Between Mediation and Arbitration?

Many of the benefits derived from arbitration are similar to the mediation process. For example, both allow a dispute to be resolved out of court.
Further, mediation is voluntary. This means that parties to a dispute must engage in these processes of their own accord. They are not required to do so by law and will suffer no legal penalties if they choose a different alternative.
The arbitration and mediation processes are also similar in that they both make use of a neutral third party.
However, there are major differences between the two that deserve to be addressed. These differences include:
  • The role of the third party. While a mediator simply facilitates negotiations, an arbitrator makes the final decision after reviewing both claims and evaluating the evidence.
  • The formality of the process. Arbitration is more formal than mediation. For example, the arbitrator renders a decision that is generally binding and cannot be appealed. In this way, arbitration resembles the court or litigation process. However, it is important to note that arbitration is considerably less formal than litigation in the traditional court system, despite the similarities.

Our Long Beach Mediation Lawyer Provides Alternative Dispute Resolution

If you are trying to avoid going to court or entering into litigation and all of the burdens that come along with it, then mediation or arbitration may be right for you. At Murrin Law Firm, our clients seek us out for representation during the mediation process. We also help clients find a neutral mediator and provide mediation services in the following areas:
If you have any questions about the mediation or arbitration process, or our services, then call us today at  562-342-3011. You can also contact us for a free case evaluation. Our Long Beach Arbitration and mediation attorney services investment loss cases throughout the nation.