Accidents Are Life Changing

Know Your Rights

When should You hire an Accident Attorney?

Injuries related to truck, motorcycle, car, plane and train accidents ( or any kind of injury, including theme park injuries, slip and fall, hazardous walkways and intersection) can change a person’s life. If you are injured and you have ongoing issues, especially if you miss any work, a personal injury law firm like the Murrin Law Firm is an excellent choice. This is especially true if the injury involves pain and suffering, and most accidents do. Most lay persons and many law firms struggle with determining the value for what an injury is worth from a pain and suffering point of view. It is easier to seek reimbursement for medical bills and lost wages, but many times the true or highest value of a case centers on the pain and suffering produced by the injury. This can be measured not just the horror of the process causing the injury but in the days, weeks and years of enduring it. That is an area that we have a lot of experience with (as our verdicts, awards, and settlement section shows).
We will handle your case on a contingency fee basis, which means we will get paid only if we succeed in getting a recovery for you. If you have more questions or would like us to review your case call 562-342-3011.