Investment Ponzi Scheme

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Ponzi Scheme - Murrin Law Firm

Did Your Insurance Turn into a Ponzi Scheme?

Are you one of the 27 people who invested with with Insurance Brokers Joseph Francis Bartholomew, Wendy King-Jackson and or MBP Insurance Services, Inc. and lost almost all your money?

Our firm has successfully handled dozens of cases just like this. We aggressively seek recourse for clients who have lost money investing in these type of Ponzi schemes. Were you promised a return of 15 to 40 percent in interest from your investment and received nothing? Were you lured into investing in what turned out to be a sham or a fraud? Was your broker smooth talking and had the appearance of being very successful? Were you advised of the risks or only told how great the “investment” was? You may be able to bring claim and win some or all of your money back. We have handled cases through various methods. Contact our office to find out if your claim is eligible for recovery. Our office uses many methods to obtain recoveries for our clients.


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