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Personal Injury and Investment Loss Attorney J. Owen Murrin

J. Owen Murrin

“Mental anguish can be worse than financial loss. You have been our rock. You were never the “used car salesman” promising us the moon. You always believed in our case and that we would succeed. You are calm or forceful when necessary.”
–M.S. & S.S., clients of Murrin Law Firm, referring to legal services provided.
As many of his clients attest, J. Owen Murrin and the Murrin Law Firm operates ethically, honestly and at the highest level of professionalism. These qualities prove quite refreshing for clients who are dealing with difficult legal troubles. In addition to his personal skill, experience and integrity, Mr. Murrin has developed a reputation within the legal community for showing both competent and effective leadership. His long list of credentials highlights his love for the law and his willingness to go the extra mile for both his clients and the community.


At present, Mr. Murrin is a member of the California Bar, the North Dakota Bar, and the Public Investors Arbitration Bar Association (PIABA).
Mr. Murrin is admitted to practice law in various state, federal and appellate courts, including the Eighth and Ninth Circuits of the U.S. Courts of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court.
Mr. Murrin handles FINRA Arbitration (over investment losses) and does Mediation cases all over the United States.
Mr. Murrin has extensive trial, litigation and appellate experience in many major areas of the law. He works hard to provide positive outcomes for his clients and makes it a priority to aggressively defend or prosecute their legal interests.

Practice Areas

Mr. Murrin is well-versed in many areas of civil litigation. He is often hired to challenge or protect the rights of individuals when it comes to investments, debts, contracts, loss of property through foreclosures, loss of civil rights and serious injuries including police misconduct, prison or jail injuries.
Mr. Murrin has successfully resolved many cases in many fields, becoming a particularly strong advocate for those who have been harmed by investment loss or professional misconduct including financial brokers, doctors, accountants and lawyers. Many people are unaware that they have legal options after losing money in a business or on an investment due to the negligence of another party. Mr. Murrin is dedicated to informing people about the law and has made it his mission to help clients regain control after a devastating loss.
Mr. Murrin has been particularly successful in obtaining recoveries from promoters, sponsors, developers, lawyers, accountants and financial brokers who have been dishonest or manipulative in their transactions with customers and clients. He has the experience and ability to aggressively pursue wrongdoers, including negligent individuals, corporations and insurance companies.

Serving His Community

Mr. Murrin is especially proud to serve the Southern California area. He is a graduate of Long Beach City College, where he served as Student Body President. He is also a graduate of UCLA’s College of Letters and Science, an institution not far from home.
After receiving his law degree from Duke Law School, and gaining extensive legal experience throughout the Midwest, Mr. Murrin returned to the Southern California area where he continues to engage with local residents. He has been elected to the School Board of Education at the Public-School District attended by his three children. He also enjoyed working with the local school foundation during this period. He is a former high school wrestling champion and captain of his team. Currently, he is an avid jogger and enjoys camping and hiking on his days off.

Other Interests

Consistently dedicated to his profession, Mr. Murrin has also served as a radio commentator and legal talk show host for many years. He is the author of several law books and has been a keynote speaker and/or presenter at professional conventions and gatherings.

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Mr. Murrin reviews new cases free of charge. He is open to working on an hourly or contingency fee basis. He never charges for an initial consultation or to give an estimate. If you are in need of a personal injury consumer lawyer, an investment loss attorney or an appellate lawyer, then contact Murrin Law Firm today at (562) 342-3011 for a free case evaluation. Mr. Murrin accepts investment loss clients from across the United States and looks forward to reviewing the details of these cases. If you have been in an accident, call 800-ACCIDENT (800-222-4336).