The Deadly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Symptoms You Should Know About

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a topic that we at Murrin Law Firm are passionate about. Carbon monoxide is a mysterious gas that causes the human breathing system to mistake it for oxygen. If you or a loved one have experienced problems with carbon monoxide poisoning, then it can be a tragic situation. Serious brain damage and sometimes death can occur.
Fortunately, Murrin Law Firm is equipped and determined to help those who have become its victims. Murrin Law Firm, in association with experts who been able to obtain upwards of seven figures in settlements and verdicts against defendant corporations and the insurance companies that insure them, is equipped to take on your case wherever you are in the United States, along with local counsel in your state(consistent with local rules of professional responsibility). Our experts have represented clients in numerous states throughout the United States. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a very unique and limited area of the law, so you will want to avail yourself of the preeminent experts in this field.
While we cannot bring your loved one back to life or restore a Carbon Monoxide poisoning victim’s health, in certain cases, we can make a difference to survivors and others by bringing cases that can result in preventing this misfortune from happening to others. Often times, manufacturers take notice and take action to correct life threatening problems if they have to defend against and pay damages for these types of claims.
Why should you hire us? Murrin Law Firm understands, and every victim or survivor needs to understand, that timing is everything. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can gather the evidence, determine the cause of death or injury and determine who if anyone is liable. Also, the sooner we can recreate the scene of the accident, the better it is.
Finally, our team of experts will measure the Carbon Monoxide level and determine the source. The sooner the evidence is collected, the better it will be for proving your case and linking up the injury or death to Carbon Monoxide poisoning. It is important that the scene of the accident is not tampered with, altered or otherwise destroyed so that our team of experts can make a proper determination. Even if some time has passed since the accident or injury, our team of experts can still make a difference between winning and losing if we are not contacted immediately.


It is unfortunate that carbon monoxide poisoning can result in death. Probably less well known is that carbon monoxide poisoning can cause permanent irreversible conditions in the brain and/or the functioning of the body, such as chronic fatigue, ongoing lack of mental alertness, speech impediment, loss of vision and reduced hearing, and permanent dizziness and lightheadedness. These symptoms are not always easy to catch and diagnose. It is also well known that exposure to carbon monoxide, if short lived, may be reversible if treated immediately or if the person is rescued from the carbon monoxide source quickly.
The hallmark of carbon monoxide poisoning is that the body is not able to discern the lack of oxygen. When you inhale carbon monoxide, it replaces the oxygen that is normally carried by the hemoglobin in your red blood cells. As a result, your brain and other tissues get less oxygen. This can cause serious symptoms or death. A carbon monoxide blood test is used to detect carbon monoxide poisoning.
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning can be a result of several factors. Again, to determine who, if anyone, is liable, the sooner the scene of the accident is examined the better the experts at Murrin Law Firm can determine the cause of injury or death.
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning can be a result of the following, including:
  1. Furnaces placed in garages or any other area which are not properly ducted or vented have resulted in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning deaths or injuries. Many times, service companies are liable for improper installation or maintenance. Servicepeople must be aware of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning when installing or repairing furnaces, ductwork or venting. Furnaces that are defective can cause carbon monoxide poisoning even if the furnace is installed properly.  The manufacturer would be liable for their defective product.
  2. Faulty gas pressure is one of the main culprits in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.  Setting the gas pressure too high can be disastrous. A Carbon Monoxide Poisoning expert can determine if the faulty gas pressure was set at the factory (and a manufacturing defect), or if a serviceperson, or an apartment owner or handyman adjusted the gas pressure which caused the accident or injury.
  3. Stoves and portable heating devices can cause carbon monoxide poisoning if not installed or vented properly or if the product is defective and does not contain proper warning labels.
  4. Flame on metal is known to cause the release of carbon monoxide gas. This can be problematic with kettles, pots and pans being near open flames.   Sometimes, the stove exhaust fan is not adequate to expel the waste product. This can either be a service person’s problem, or a faulty exhaust fan, or the homeowner’s liability to keep the exhaust fan filter free of grease and grime.  Only an expert can determine the cause of the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning after careful and immediate examination of the scene of the accident.
  5. Negligent or careless adjustments to furnaces, stoves and other gas appliances by service persons and repairmen can result in accident or injury.
  6. Building Code Violations: If there are too many appliances (stoves, ovens, and gas water heaters, fireplaces, space heaters) in an enclosed place in too small an area without adequate ventilation or square footage for dissipation of the carbon monoxide waste, apartment owners can be liable for building code violations that result in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.
  7. Gas powered camping equipment and heating devices can cause Carbon Monoxide Poisoning if defective or not used with proper ventilation or proper manufacture warnings. This is a common cause of death and injury by persons using portable heating devices in tents or camping trailers.
  8. Automobile Exhaust in an enclosed garage: Anytime there is automobile exhaust emitted into a house or an enclosed garage, there is danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Keyless cars, or FOBs have resulted in Carbon Monoxide Poisoning deaths or injuries. Car manufacturers have been found liable for injuries as a result of keyless ignition systems.
Sometimes, furnaces explode, or there are fire dwellings. While this may not cause carbon monoxide poisoning, our team of experts specialize in examining furnaces and other gas-powered appliances to determine if the cause of fire was a result of gas-powered appliances or furnaces. If you have been injured as a result of a furnace explosion or a gas-powered appliance fire, then call our office to discuss your options.


The number one tip to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, is to avoid using appliances and gas heaters in enclosed quarters without proper venting. Also, keep equipment properly maintained, get check-ups for carbon monoxide leaks, and consider installing a carbon monoxide detector, which is now required in many areas. Carbon monoxide detectors are an important deterrent.


If there has been a serious carbon monoxide poisoning accident, then legal advice must be sought immediately. The carbon monoxide poisoning team at Murrin Law Firm knows the importance of a proper investigational workup as soon as possible to determine the cause of the injury, to recreate the circumstances, as soon after the event as possible and to measure the concentration of carbon monoxide and connect the dots to the cause of the carbon monoxide poisoning.
Although it is never too late to right a wrong or obtain a legal remedy when justified, a carbon monoxide poisoning accident is one that the sooner one conducts that investigation, the better. The sooner one calls and discusses the matter with an experienced carbon monoxide poisoning lawyer like Murrin Law Firm, the better the strategies that can be developed, and there is no substitute for walking the scene and obtaining experts to look at the appliances and ductwork immediately and before any alterations can take place. If you or a loved one have suffered health problems or death because of carbon monoxide poisoning, we urge you to give us a call as soon as possible. Murrin Law Firm’s team of carbon monoxide poisoning experts specializes in helping injured persons and families experiencing a tragic loss from faulty appliances or equipment, faulty installation or faulty maintenance of appliances or equipment.