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Ronald Arthur Knight

I am Attorney John Murrin with over 40 years of experience representing clients. Murrin Law Firm investigates bad investments, (also called unsuitable investments), and bad brokers or the salespeople who sell them. If you have lost money in a bad investment and want to find out if you can get your money back or feel that you may have a claim against your broker, call us. We can advise you of your possible rights of recovery in a FINRA arbitration or through many other methods or funds available to compensate wronged investors.
We are currently investigating the activities of Ronald Arthur Knight, a participant in the financial industry engaged in selling investments. We are interested in speaking with individuals about their experience with this person.
Ronald Knight is listed as having the following information on FINRA’s broker check.
A customer brought a claim against Ronald Knight for breach of contract, fraud by intentional misrepresentation; fraud by negligent misrepresentation, breach of fiduciary duty and unjust enrichment. Another customer brought a claim against Ronald Knight for fraud, deceit, misrepresentation, omission of material fact.
Ronald Knight is the subject of a FINRA filing case number 17-01950 where it is alleged that Ronald Knight recommended that an elderly woman, (now a widow) take out a mortgage on her fully paid for home to buy an annuity he recommended. This annuity purchase resulted in a handsome commission for Ronald Arthur Knight. The annuity payments were supposed to provide a means to pay the mortgage payments for the rest of her life, but the annuity only paid for a limited number of years, and the situation has left this elderly widow with no means to pay her mortgage on her home. If she had never met Ronald Knight, her house would have been fully paid for. Presently, she is at risk of losing her home. If you have experiences you are willing to share about Ronald Knight, please call our office to determine if you have a claim.
Ronald Knight was barred from FINRA in 2010. He is no longer authorized to do business as a FINRA registered broker or financial service provider.
Murrin Law Firm, at 800-ACCIDENT (222-4336), helps people get their money back through multifaceted methods including looking into liability of individuals, their brokerage firms and through associated companies. Sometimes, if appropriate, there are other methods to access government and or other agencies and programs that might help a client get their money back. These include (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority), CSF (Client Security Funds), SIPC (Securities Investors Protection Corporation) and CFCF (Corporate Fraud Compensation Funds). We can also help in determining whether government reparations might be available through legislative bodies including state legislatures and Congress for purposes of compensating victims of investment losses.
We may even assist in putting together materials for government prosecutors to consider criminal and/or Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.) actions. We can help you fight to get your investment monies back.
Contact a law firm who has made a career out of getting money back for investors. If you have concerns about any investment or Financial Services, please contact the Murrin Law firm at 800-ACCIDENT (222-4336) for a free evaluation of your case.
We also have extensive experience working with large groups of investors who have lost money in the same scheme or endeavor. If you are part of a group of investors wronged by the same investment scheme, it may be desirable to band together for economies of scale, and other reasons.
Please do not hesitate to call and discuss your matter at any time. Our service and assistance start with a call. No question is too basic for us to try to answer. Calls are free and so are case evaluations. We often work on a contingency basis, meaning that we only charge attorney fees to investors if we obtain a recovery.
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