Variable Annuities Investments

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Variable Annuities Mediation and Arbitration Services

Variable annuities are a complex investment product that investors should approach with caution. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) provided an investor bulletin intended to help educate investors about variable annuities. Variable annuities involve a certain level of complexity and can be abused by some financial advisors.
Due to the complexity and confusion surrounding variable annuities, which can lead to questionable sales practices, a variable annuities are a leading source of investor complaints to FINRA.
People invest in Annuities to provide them a safe and steady stream on income during their retirement. They have no idea that there is a storm brewing in that what was promised by their salesperson will not be delivered.
We handle the above cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we will get paid attorney fees only if we succeed in getting a recovery for you. In some cases, clients may have to cover some costs, but we do not get paid if there is no recovery. We can explain this and why thousands of clients have found our services and our fee arrangements quite workable, and most always affordable. Murrin Law firm believes that fees and costs clients pay have to make sense. It has to be a win-win situation wherever possible. We strive to do that, and we can adjust fee arrangements to accommodate your need in extenuating circumstances. If you have more questions, or you would like to have us review your case, and give an estimate, there is never a charge for that. We love to talk about our services, what we do, and why we are good at it. Please case Call