Will or Trust Contests

It is not fair for one side or another to be able to take advantage of others when a person, dies, becomes feeble or older, or has died. Also if a trust has been set up, the trust has to be administered fairly and honestly. If a person takes over a trust or acts as an executor of an estate and abuses their position, they need to be held accountable. That is where we come in. We can answer questions about these kind of things and take action quickly if necessary. Sometimes, disputes can be resolved informally but it takes an experienced lawyer to do this and we have that experience. If the matter cannot be resolved, then the only thing to do is pursue legal action, but then only cautiously. That is where we can provide a lot of assistance. Consider us when there is a will Contest, either to defend or contest.

We handle probate matters on an hourly or on a percentage basis as approved by the court and /or allowed by law. Murrin Law Firm believes that fees and costs clients pay have to make sense. It has to be a win-win situation wherever possible. We strive to do that, and we can adjust fee arrangements to accommodate your need in extenuating circumstances. If you have questions, or you would like to have us review your case, and give an estimate, there is never a charge for that. We love to talk about our services, what we do, and why we think we are good at it. Please case Call