What is Maritime Law?

Maritime laws govern when people are injured at sea or on navigable rivers. This may include making a claim under the Jones Act, which covers any worker who spends at least 30 hours per week of his or her time in active service on a merchant marine vessel. We represent non- workers as well who are hurt in the open waters. The Murrin Law firm has experience handling such matters and is available to help. Maritime law requires experience with Federal Law. This is a specialized area of law. The Murrin Law Firm has this experience.

Who and what kind of activity is covered?

The Maritime and admiralty law cover a broad spectrum of matters but most are injuries to crew or passenger sustained in open waters. It may be from fishing accidents or accidents or disturbances from cruise ships, crab boats, barges, container ships, tugboats, crew boats, cargo ships and other moveable vessels. Whether you, or someone you know were injured in any of these situations or if you or anyone was hurt while working on a Merchant ship, Maritime law and the Murrin Law Firm may be able help you immensely.

Clients love Our fees

We handle the above cases on a contingency fee basis, which means we will get paid attorney fees only if we succeed in getting a recovery for you. In some cases, clients may have to cover costs, but we do not get paid if there is no recovery. We can explain this and why thousands of clients have found our services and our fee arrangements quite workable, and always affordable. Murrin Law Firm believes that the fees and costs clients pay have to make sense. It has to be a win-win situation wherever possible. We strive to do that, and we can adjust the fee arrangements to accommodate your need in extenuating circumstances. If you have more questions, or you would like to have us review your case, and give an estimate, there is never a charge for that. We love to talk about our services, what we do, and why we are good at it. Please Call