When you are hounded by a debt collector, foreclosure, or similar catastrophe?

If a person has sued you, or you need to answer a lawsuit or to respond to a request for arbitration, and we cannot help you on a contingency fee, you may want to consider our case evaluation service. If our free 30 minute free consultation, does not provide enough assistance, or documents need to be reviewed, we offer an intense case evaluation for a very reasonable flat fee. See below for details.

Our flat fee and hourly contract:

After the free initial consultation, if papers need to be reviewed and further service is desired or needed, we will sit down with you at our office ( or by phone or the internet if you desire), and roll up our sleeves to find out what can best be done for you and your case based upon the law and your circumstances. For a flat fee of $300.00 we will do what it takes and spend the time with you to analyze your options, predict outcomes, and provide pricing on those options. This is intense and designed to drill down and get to a new level of understanding about how to deal with a particular and unique problem based upon our experience. It may take anywhere from an hour or two, to a full day to get to the bottom of your matter, but we will hold to the flat fee and we are committed to providing real live options.

If you are interested in this option please read, sign, and return our short and simple Flat Fee & General Service Agreement below. Please return the signed form to our office with a $300 payment and we will drill down as above described. We will schedule the appointment within seven (7 ) days of receipt of the payment and signed Agreement, or refund your money within twenty-four (24) hours, so act now.

Release Form Below:

Agreement FormPDF

Collection Information LogPDF

Client acknowledges that Client has received a Disclosure Statement which discloses, among other things, the status of Attorney’s professional liability Insurance