When should You Hire A Defense Attorney?

There are times when people need a lawyer to handle the defense of a lawsuit, for example where they are accused of not complying with an obligation, contract or debt. For example, people may find themselves being accused of wrongdoing or breaches of contract and obligations by their partner, business competitors or even friends and family. With a good defense lawyer and favorable facts, a dismissal of such a suit or favorable ruling can be obtained. If an unfavorable ruling is rendered by a court or arbitrator, then one can petition for reconsideration or vacation of the ruling, award, judgment, or order to the judge or arbitrator directly and immediately. If that fails, or it is not possible to accept the results, then the next option is an appeal.

Some suits are frauds against an innocent person, and we use our skill and experience to expose frauds and/ or expose error so that we can win the suit or obtain reversals of unfavorable outcomes. You can be assured that we will devote the same commitment to the defense of a case as we do when we fight for our clients who have been harmed by the wrongdoing of another. We are always seeking justice whether we are on the offense or the defense. And our experience prosecuting cases helps us defend clients in similar situations. Please Call 562-342-3011

How We Defend A Case

We offer defense services and we can be extremely helpful because we have experience with a wide variety in many areas of law and in various forums. We have learned how to render such services economically, and sometimes, that is the difference between winning and losing because our clients can last longer and go further compared to high priced firms with less experience that us. How we do this is proprietary and confidential, but we are always happy to share how we can provide an edge in a consultation or phone call to serious prospective clients. We take defense and appeal cases at a reasonable hourly rate and, sometimes even a flat rate for a specific service. We are happy to discuss our rates and our arrangements with serious clients at any time. There is no charge for an initial consultation or call, so Please Call Us 562-342-3011 right now.

Our flat fee and hourly contract:

After the free initial consultation, if papers need to be reviewed and further service is desired or needed, we will sit down with you at our office ( or by phone or the internet if you desire), and roll up our sleeves to find out what can best be done for you and your case based upon the law and your circumstances. For a flat fee of $300.00 we will do what it takes and spend the time with you to analyze your options, predict outcomes, and provide pricing on those options. This is intense and designed to drill down and get to a new level of understanding about how to deal with a particular and unique problem based upon our experience. It may take anywhere from an hour or two, to a full day to get to the bottom of your matter, but we will hold to the flat fee and we are committed to providing real live options.

If you are interested in this option please read, sign, and return our short and simple Flat Fee & General Service Agreement below. Please return the signed form to our office with a $300 payment and we will drill down as above described. We will schedule the appointment within seven (7 ) days of receipt of the payment and signed Agreement, or refund your money within twenty-four (24) hours, so act now.