variable annuities

Are Variable Annuities Right For You?

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Are Variable Annuities Right For You? The specific purpose of variable annuities should only be supplement to retirement funds. Before you invest in a variable annuity, you should make sure you and your spouse are fully utilizing the benefits provided by Uncle Sam, or the US Government. You should already be annually maximizing your workplace […]

Are Bonds Safe

Are Bonds Really Safe

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Bonds Bonds are often promoted as “limited risk” investment products. Brokers or brokerage firms have an obligation to assure that investing in a bond is an appropriate fit for their customer. They also have the duty to fully disclose potential risks to their customers in order to guarantee a fully informed decision. If you believe […]


Did Your TIC Foreclose?

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Did Your TIC Foreclose? Did you invest in TICS and lose almost all your money? Our firm has successfully handled dozens of TIC cases. We aggressively seek recourse for clients who have lost money invested in TICS. FINRA has a 6 year eligibility rule, meaning, that you have 6 years from the “occurrence or event […]