Are Senior Notes a Safe Investment?

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What are Senior Notes? Senior notes in theory are a form of a loan to an Issuer of the notes. Upon liquidation, the holders of these notes get paid first out of secured property of the obligated party or the Issuer. Senior notes also are considered priority loans that are supposed to secured by property. […]

Cheated by Viatical

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Cheated by Viatical & Life Settlement Investments Part Two RISKS In our second article on Viatical and Life Settlement Investments, we are going to cover more of the risks involved in investing in Viatical and Life Settlement Investments. Please see the first article for a general description of these investments. The concept behind these investments […]

Investors in Life Settlement Scam Awarded $3,900,000

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Investors in Life Settlement Scam Awarded Investors in a life settlement investment found themselves part of a scam. They were defrauded of their investment money. They retained J. Owen Murrin of Murrin Law Firm to represent them. On June 16, 2016, Judge Frank Johnson of Los Angeles Superior Court signed a $3,900,000 judgment in favor […]

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Investment Ponzi Scheme

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Did Your Insurance Turn into a Ponzi Scheme? Are you one of the 27 people who invested with with Insurance Brokers Joseph Francis Bartholomew, Wendy King-Jackson and or MBP Insurance Services, Inc. and lost almost all your money? Our firm has successfully handled dozens of cases just like this. We aggressively seek recourse for clients […]

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Scottrade, Inc. has been fined

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Scottrade, Inc. Has Been Fined Scottrade, Inc. has been fined $950,000 for their failure to supervise wiring processes of customer funds to third party accounts. Scottrade has conducted a total of $880 million consisting of over 17,000 third party wire transfers between October 2011 and October 2013. Scottrade was fined for failing to secure customer […]

variable annuities

Are Variable Annuities Right For You?

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Are Variable Annuities Right For You? The specific purpose of variable annuities should only be supplement to retirement funds. Before you invest in a variable annuity, you should make sure you and your spouse are fully utilizing the benefits provided by Uncle Sam, or the US Government. You should already be annually maximizing your workplace […]

Are Bonds Safe

Are Bonds Really Safe

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Bonds Bonds are often promoted as “limited risk” investment products. Brokers or brokerage firms have an obligation to assure that investing in a bond is an appropriate fit for their customer. They also have the duty to fully disclose potential risks to their customers in order to guarantee a fully informed decision. If you believe […]