When should A Person Appeal a Case?

Sometimes a case can be turned around by bringing a motion to reconsider or a motion to vacate. These motions can be made directly to the judge or the arbitrator and save the client the need to appeal. We are experienced in appeals and have handled them in State, Federal and at the U.S. Supreme Court levels. Murrin Law Firm has experience in evaluating whether a case should or should not be appealed to a higher court.

How We Handle An Appeal

We offer appellate services and can be extremely helpful because we have experience with a wide variety in many areas of law and in various forums. We have learned how to render such services economically, and sometimes, that is the difference between winning and losing because our clients can last longer and go further compared to the high priced firms with less experience than us. How we do this is proprietary and confidential, but we are always happy to share how we can provide an edge in a consultation or phone call to serious prospective clients. We take defense and appeal cases at a reasonable hourly rate and, sometimes even a flat rate for a specific service. We are happy to discuss our rates and our arrangements with serious clients at any time. There is no charge for an initial consultation or initial phone call, so please call us at